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Where to watch the FL-1200 finish live

March 15, 2024 | 9:43 pm

The winner of the FL-1200 will soon arrive!

We estimate the winner in around 22.30 PM. Remember that this is an estimate and that the race is not finished so anything can still happen.

Those who wish to show up as audience are advised to show up in good time.


We have broadcasted live from all finishers so far this year – and will continue the good trend. We broadcast live from just before the finish line on our own Facebook page. Follow the link here: https://www.facebook.com/finnmarkslopet


NRK will broadcast live via this page: https://www.nrk.no/finnmarkslopet/se-direkte_ -petter-karlsson-above-the-painted-in-the-Finnmarkslopet-1.16805720? fbclid = iwar3pfq9wiuuu8l-br26ysylbdpjwienmqb_kwmdqmtptrx8e3n-69EYKNSEYKN

The live broadcast starts a little before the winner arrivees, so just refresh the page continuosly around the estimated time of arrival. 

iFinnmark via Direktesport:

Here you must have access to aID to watch live. We recommend everyone who wants to watch live via iFinnmark to fix access before the broadcast https://www.direktesport.no/sport/oevrig-sport/hundeloep/finnmarksloepet-2024-kveldstid-dag-8-1942098.html

Follow our tracking here to stay updated: https://portal.finnmarkslopet.no/results/map