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Welcome til Finnmarksløpet – IFSS World Championship

Contact information to press in Finnmarksløpet

Trond A. Andersen: 900 81 519 (all year)

Morten Broks: 905 21 973 (during the race)


Accreditation press send to:

Mandatory prequalification: We always have a mandatory press brief Friday, same day as the race starts. This will be in the Kunnskapsparken and least from 09:00 to 10:00.

Trail map all classes

Finnmarksløpet experiences very high interest from the audience around the world. Not least, many people use to follow the race through result services and daily news. A number of media, both Norwegian and foreign, cover the race. We place considerable resources in organizing as well as possible for media that want to follow all or part of the race.
On our pages you will find the most relevant information.

Program Finnmarksløpet

The press center

Throughout Finnmarksløpet, the press center is manned around the clock by Finnmarksløpets own press service. The press center will be centrally located in Alta city center, Kunnskapsparken – Studenthuset City, co-located with Finnmarksløpets secretariat, offices and café. In the press center there will be room for the media to work, but the center is primarily for helping media who want to follow Finnmarksløpet and which can not be present in Finnmark. If someone needs pictures or information about some special drivers, please contact the press center who will try to help.

Further practical information, facilities, infrastructure will be given on press briefs Friday, start day at. 15.00 in our headquarters.