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The Juniors and 600s are out!

March 9, 2024 | 3:49 pm

At last all the dog sled teams are out in Finnmarksløpet 2024! This year’s race is the 43rd edition of the Finnmarksløpet. On Saturday 09 March, 6 juniors and 68 participants in the 600 class started from the finish line in the main street in Alta. This start, too, went like clockwork. With a few last-minute cancellations, there were some art breaks at the start of the day, but speaker Trond Anton fills the time as always with lots of pleasant talk.

In Finnmarksløpet’s junior class we have 6 promising youngsters on their way out into the fields. Among them we have Elisabeth Kristensen, who won the junior class and thus also the WC last year. We have with us Narve Krempig who is the fourth in his family to have started in the junior class as a confirmation gift from Harald Tunheim. We also have a foreign participant in the Finnish Linus Wingren, who started out a mere 10 minutes before his father Ronny Wingren, who is participating in the FL-600 class this year. The junior mushers go out with joy in focus, and are a class that is well known for crossing the finish line with fit dogs. The junior mushers are expected to finish after 14.00 on Sunday 10 March.

The largest class by far is the FL-600 class, which also runs the distance that is referred to as the toughest to run. A shorter distance offers a higher pace, and less rest. In this class we got a total of 68 mushers from the start today, a class full of names worth following. Updates from this class will come continuously on facebook!

Juniordeltaker Henriette Sørensen på vei ut gågata i Alta. Foto av Marthe Nyvoll

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We post series of images continuously on our Facebook page. Media can freely retrieve photos from our Facebook and use against accreditation of the photographer during the race.

For questions, media can contact Head organizer of communications during the race

Marthe Nyvoll

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