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The race is on!

March 8, 2024 | 3:24 pm

Finnmarksløpet 2024 is finally on! This years race is the 43rd edition of the Finnmarksløpet. The start from Alta went like clockwork, and an estimated 3,000 happy people turned up to cheer the drivers and dogs on in the warm weather. The dog teams went out like pearls on a string without any kinks, but lots of good atmosphere!

In Finnmarksløpets 1200 class there is a great variety of exciting participants this year, where a full 50 years separates the youngest participant (Hedda Mosleth, 22 years) from the oldest (Roger Dahl, aged 72). Last years winner Petter Karlsson is there, last years Rookie of the year at the Iditarot dog race Hanna Lyrek is in the track, and Birgitte Næss is on the sled with us for the first time since 2019. Jens Kvernmo who has mushed 1300 kilometers with a dog team from Ogndal in Trøndelag to Alta to participate in FL-1200 also started today, with the sauna at Jotka as the first goal of the trip! These and many more will make the FL-1200 class a particularly interesting class to follow! In other words, the start of the Norwegian Championship has gone beyond all expectations, and we are already looking forward to being able to send out FL-Junior and FL-600 tomorrow from the same place, at 1pm! Information about live broadcasts for the start of the Junior class and the 600 class will be posted on the morning of Saturday 09 March.

Kristin Harila opened the Finnmarksløpet 2024 together with the project “Jenter på Vidda” which is supported by Sparebank1 Nord-Norge, on Womens Day itself! Kristin and the girls also got to finish the start of the FL-1200 by following in the tracks of the dog teams and start the eight-day trip that will go from Alta to Karasjok under the finish arch in the center of Alta.

Here you can follow the tracking.

Here is the link to the results service.

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Marthe Nyvoll

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