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The Jury’s Reason for Disqualifying Petter Karlsson

March 16, 2019 | 10:37 am

The Jury of the Finnmark Race has disqualified Petter Karlsson in the FL-1200 class based on section 12.1 of the special rules for the race. The Jury is of the opinion that the participant has not met the requirements of this clause.

The Finnmark Race Sports Committee is responsible for the special rules for the Finnmark Race.

Section 12.1 of the special rules for the Finnmark Race FL-1200 reads as follows:

#12 Animal welfare and health

FL is to be conducted with a particular focus on the welfare and health of the dogs. FL as organizers and FL participants both carry mutual responsibility for the race dogs.

1) The participant in Finnmarksløpet is responsible for caring, feeding and maintaining the welfare and health of their dogs according to the needs of the dog at all times. The dogs and other participants’ dogs must be treated with respect and kindness. Participants should mush and manage their race in accordance with their own dogs’ fitness, physical and health preconditions and status, and take into account how weather and conditions affect the dogs during the race.

Violation of the rule may cause disqualification of the participant.



Normally, reference is only made to the relevant clause(s) violated in cases where the jury has disqualified a participant. Nor is it common procedure for the jury report to be made publicly available in cases subject to the Norwegian Sledddog Association.

As will be the case in this case. However, based on the participant’s wish, the Finnmarksløpet Race wants to emphasized that the jury evaluated the case based on the duty to report contained in the Animal Welfare Act, and the jury unanimously agreed that there was no reason to report the matter.

This case is thus about a violation of the Finnmarksløpet race’s special competition rules.