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Ronny Wingren wins FL-600!

March 12, 2024 | 9:44 am

Ronny Wingren is the winner of Finnmarksløpet’s 600 class 2024!

Under the soft morning light on Wednesday at 08.24, Ronny drove over the finish line to cheers from the crowd. With wet snow, track changes and an unusual amount of mushing on the river, this years Finnmarksløp has been a demanding race for both dogs and mushers. Ronny Wingren has run a smooth and great race with stiff competition from challengers like Brage Nilsen Jæger, Bjørnar Andersen, Elisabeth Edland and Urho Ahoma.

Ronny Wingren er vinneren av FL-600 klassen. Foto av Marit Leinan Abrahamsen

In second place in this years 600 class came Bjørnar Andersen.

Bjørnar Andersen kom på andreplass i Finnmarksløpet 600. Bilde av Marit Leinan Abrahamsen

Urho Ahomaa came in third, just ahead of Brage Nilsen Jæger.

Urho Ahomaa kom på tredjeplass i Finnmarksløpet 600. Foto av Marit Leinan Abrahamsen

Brage Nilsen Jæger to a great fourth place in the Finnmarksløpet 600.

Brage Nilsen Jæger kom på fjerdeplass i Finnmarksløpet 600. Bilde av Marit Leinan Abrahamsen

Wingren and Nilsen Jæger started from checkpoint Karasjok only seconds apart, and created an incredibly exciting race towards the finish line. Brage Nilsen Jæger came out of Karasjok with one dog less than Ronny Wingren, and had to drop off another dog at checkpoint Jotka. With only 5 dogs in front of Brage Nilsen Jægers sled, Ronny Wingren grabbed the opportunity to advance towards the finish line.

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