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Postponed deadline for checkpoint Karasjok

March 15, 2024 | 4:08 pm

FL-1200: The race management in Finnmarksløpet postpones the deadline for checking out of the checkpoint in Karasjok by three hours.

This means that drivers in FL 1200 must drive out of Karasjok no later than 03.00 on the night of Sunday.

The reason for the postponed deadline is the challenging weather and road conditions during the race, as well as the fact that the course was somewhat longer than originally planned. By postponing the deadline, the crews in FL-1200 get as much rest as they need and still manage to start from Karasjok within the deadline. It is the Sporting Committee in Finnmarksløpet that is responsible for the special rules for the Finnmarksløpet. According to point 6 of these rules, the last deadline for checking out of checkpoint Karasjok is the night of Sunday one week after the start of the race at midnight 00:00. The race management/jury can extend the deadline in the event of extreme weather or other special conditions.

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