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Signup starts 15th of September

September 6, 2021 | 7:00 am

As every year, registration for Finnmarksløpet for participants opens September 15.

Another standard is to announce major changes before registration starts.
There will only a few changes from FL-2020. For FL-junior and FL-600, no changes are planned. In FL-1200, the section between Neiden 1 and Neiden 2 will be opposite from 2020. The trail goes from Neiden 1 to Øvre Pasvik, from Øvre Pasvik to Kirkenes and from Kirkenes back to Neiden 2. Another change for FL-1200 is that we want to break trail for the leg between Tana and Levajok 2 along the river instead of the same mountain stage used between Levajok 1 and Tana bru.
We are now in the process of a digitization process and the first thing we change is the registration system. We are currently testing the system and look forward to giving you a new and better solution when we start on 15th September.