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Updated trail FL-600

November 13, 2019 | 9:59 am

We have updated the trail between Jergul and Levajok and between Levajok – Karasjok.
The first part after Jergul is along the river. At Karasjok there will be road crossing (under the road) and then a mix of forrest areas, swamps, lakes and mountains. The last part is south along the Tana river to checkpoint at Levajok mountain lodge.

From Levajok to Karasjok is river mushing all the way.

Map i higher resolution here

Distances between checkpoints for FL-600 in 2020.

Out checkpoint In checkpoint Distance Tot. dist.
Alta – Start Masi 78 km 78 km
Masi Kautokeino 64 km 142 km
Kautokeino Jergul 100 km 242 km
Jergul Levajok 136 km 378 km
Levajok Karasjok 83 km 461 km
Karasjok Joatka 83 km 544 km
Joatka 2 Alta – Finish 49 km 593 km