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Minor changes

September 8, 2018 | 11:05 am

As usually, changes for next year’s Finnmarksløp is announced prior to sign-up start. For FL-2019, there are only minor changes.

Finnmarksløpet logo tag with husky dog

There will be no changes for the junior class in 2019. Entry fee will also be as in 2018, 3 000 NOK.
Read FL-junior rules here.

For this class, we made quite a few changes prior to FL-2018. Among them, two new checkpoints and a trail extension to 567 km. Minor changes of the trail may occur.
From 2019, there will be a change of rule for checkpoint Jotka 1. It is now allowed with one single-bag of depot. Max weight is 20 kg. This bag of depot can also be used at Jotak 2.
There will be no Show Start for for FL-500 in 2019.

The entry fee is increased from 6,000 to 7,000 NOK.

Read more about FL-500 / FL-1200 here. The rules will be updated from 8 September to 15 September.


There are no changes to the FL-1200. Minor adjustments of the trail can be added.
The entry fee is increased from 12,000 to 14,000 NOK.

Read more about FL-500 / FL-1200 here. The rules will be updated from 8 September to 15 September.


Straw and hay
Changes made before FL-2018 have resulted in more resting out on the trail. Several mushers have been using straw as a base for the dogs outside the checkpoint. Straw has a long degradation time and it does not look nice where the straw has been used and has not been removed. From 2019 straw is forbidden as a base outside of the checkpoint. Hay is allowed to be used on trail, but it requires that entrant bring it back to checkpoint. It is allowed for hay to be transported with handler car.


FL-junior and FL-500 start as in 2018. That is, Saturday in week 10 at. 13:00. Start date will be March 9th.
The FL-1200 starts Friday, March 8 in the evening. In 2018, we started at. 19:00. In 2019, the start can be accelerated by one hour.
Prize winning ceremony for FL-1200 will be moved from 12.00 to 18.00, Saturday the week after start.

The registration will open on Saturday, September 15that. 18:00.