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FL-junior: These are the Prizes!

March 11, 2023 | 7:15 pm

Just like the FL-1200 and the FL-600, the FL-junior race is also an IFSS World Championship competition in 2023. This means that the mushers in the junior class are competing for W.Ch. medals, glory and honor in addition to the great prizes available for this class.

The main prize to the FL-junior winner is one year’s supply of dog food for six dogs, provided by Appetitt, worth NOK 42 000/€ 4 200). In addition, the winner will receive a Laika dog backpack from Arctic Lavvo worth NOK 3 400/€ 340.

The silver medal winner in the FL-junior race wins dog food from Appetitt worth NOK 15 000/€ 1 500, in addition to a Laika dog backpack from Arctic Lavvo.

The bronze medal winner also receives dog food worth NOK 10 000/€ 1 000 from Appetitt as well as a Laika dog backpack.

The remaining participants receive gift cards from the Finnmark Race web shop.

8 out of 9 participants in the junior class are rookies, meaning they are participating for the first time. When finishing the race, they will receive the Finnmark Race’s slate plate to prove that they are no longer rookies – they are now veterans.

The winner of the FL-junior race is usually expected to arrive in Alta on Sunday, some time after 12 noon CET, just over 24 hours after commencing the race.

You will find continual updates on our home pages (GPS tracking) and Facebook, so that you can keep informed about times and events.

We encourage all who can to come to downtown Alta to welcome the participants to the finish line – and those of you who can’t be there, do watch at ifinnmark.no or at direktesport.no!