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FL-500: Red Lantern Arrived in Alta

March 14, 2019 | 1:34 pm

Just before 12 noon, the two last teams on the FL-500 trail arrived at the finish line in Alta. The race is now officially over.

Linda Monsen Vassdal kjører inn til en 45. plass i FL-500. (Foto: Marit L. Abrahamsen)

Happy mushers upon finishing the race with their Siberian huskies: Hans Petter Harangen and Linda Monsen Vassdal (Photo: Marit L. Abrahamsen)

Hans Petter Harangen and Linda Monsen Vassdal arrived at the finish line just before noon. They had kept each other company since at least cp Karasjok. They both race with Siberian huskies.

– I would rather take it slow and make sure we reached the finish line, and we have had a great trip all along the trail, Monsen Vassdal said upon arrival. – We really got value for our money!

Linda Monsen Vassdal arriving at the finish line just seconds behind Harangen. (Photo: Marit L. Abrahamsen)

Hans Petter Harangen, who finished just seconds before her, said his main goal had been to make sure he completed the race. – We have just enjoyed the trip along the trails, he said in his finish interview. – It has been a great ride and I have only had positive experiences along the way.

Harangen had all his eight dogs with him across the finish line. – There are six siblings who are barely old enough to participate (two years, journ.note), as well as their mother, he said. – We started slowing down speed just before Jotka just to make sure all the dogs would reach the finish line.

Hans Petter Harangen er rookie og kom inn med åtte freshe siberianhuskier over mållinja. (Foto: Marit L. Abrahamsen)

Rookie Hans Petter Harangen arrived at the finish line with all eight Siberian huskies. (Photo: Marit L. Abrahamsen)

Both Monsen Vassdal and Harangen are rookies, i.e. completing the race for the first time. Therefore they both received a slate picture at the finish line, an object signalling that they are no longer rookies if they return to the race.

Monsen Vassdal also wins a dog house from Aksis, as she was the last musher to finish the race; the so-called Red Lantern.

Vi klarte det! Glade førstegangskjørere har fullført FL-500 med renrasede spann. Linda Monsen Vassdal og Hans Petter Harangen med ryggen til. (Foto: Marit L. Abrahamsen)

We made it! Two happy mushers after completing their first FL-500 race. (Photo: Marit L. Abrahamsen)