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FL-500: Andre Bjørnstad Got the Veterinarians’ Award

March 14, 2019 | 12:22 pm

At last night’s FL-500 banquet, Andre Bjørnstad received the much respected Veterinarians’ Award. He stood out with good dog care and his relationship to the race vets.

Andre Bjørnstad vant veterinærprisen på FL-500 i 2019. (Foto: Marit L. Abrahamsen)

Andre Bjørnstad received the FL-500 Veterinarians’ Award at last night’s banquet.

What was formerly known as the ‘best dog care award’ has now been reshaped into the Veterinarians’ Award. Dog care still constitutes an important element of the award, however, other things such as e.g. the relationship between the musher and the vets also play a part.

– Andre arrived at the finish line with an incredibly good-looking team, says vet Hanne Åkerholm, who handed out the award on behalf of the vets. At the finish line, Bjørnstad’s dogs were healthy and happy, and several of them clearly signaled that they wanted to move on and continue the race if need be. – He really stood out at the finish line, says Åkerholm.

She tells us that Bjørnstad already had been nominated to the award prior to arriving at the finish line, based on what the vets observed and heard at checkpoints throughout the race. – He demonstrated excellent skills. He was efficient in caring for the dogs while also being a calm and pleasant acquaintance for the vets. He was structured and  quick to do whatever the dogs needed him to do while also maintaining a good running dialogue with the vets, she says.

The other nominees included Oda Mortensen Ingstad and Hanna Lyrek, however, Bjørnstad took the Veterinarians’ Award home!