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FL-2022 and corona

January 18, 2022 | 5:40 pm

Here‘s information about Finnmarksløpet 2022 and the ongoing pandemic.

Let there be no doubt about the following. What we post now may change. After almost two years of infection, vaccines, quarantine and testing, we have learned that things change quickly.
As the rules are now, quarantine requirements could endanger the entire event if do not take precautions.

As of January 18 – this is how we see the race goes.

– Finnmarksløpet will have three classes as planned. The routes are about the same as in 2020.

– Before the race starts March 11th, we will avoid as much gathering of people as possible. Most likely, musher meetings will be digital, registration and depot submission will be done with strict requirements for distance and face masks. Because og the rules as they are now, it is not possible to have an ordinary starting banquet, but we wish to have a simple marking outdoors where we can keep a good distance.

– At checkpoints, participants do not have to sleep in a limited area with the dogs if they do not want to. It is possible to use other sleeping facilities, but we cannot guarantee that shared sleeping facilities will be available at all checkpoints.

– We can also not guarantee that cafés and restaurants at our checkpoints are open to participants, handlers and others. What we do know, is that there will be an opportunity to buy food and drinks.

– Prize ceremonies will be close to standard, with the exception of requirements for distance and face masks.

– Audience facilities are unclear now. The regulations as they are now will most likely be changed before the start of the race. There may also be different rules depending on which municipality the participants are in.

– Closing banquets for all classes are also unclear.


That is what we can announce so far. We will of course provide more information when we know more.