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Evaluation 2024

May 7, 2024 | 11:19 am

Finnmarksløpet’s participants have given feedback on their experience of the 2024 race. Our goal is always to improve, the most important tool is the feedback from our participants. We sent out a survey two weeks after the race. The participants have evaluated the most of the event, both with grades and tips for improvement.


Before the start of the race
Registration, information, regulations, pre race check, mushers meetings and start banquet. The total score is approx. 75 out of 100. Here, the advice for improvement varies quite a bit, but several believe that the trail changes that came just before the start could have been known earlier. Similarly, the lack of English information during the start banquet is something that several have mentioned.


The race
Including the start, track/trail, veterinary service, race management/TDs, checkpoints and the finish line. It is of course these points are the most important for our mushers.
As in previous years, the start generally receives good feedback.


Trail selection and track quality are extensive. The total grade for the trail/track is just under 80 out of 100. Several comment that there were some difficult sections, but most due to weather conditions and the army snowmobiles from the military exercise. As in previous years, there are several who think the stage from Varangerbotn to Levajok 2 in 1200 class is quite demanding int the late part of the race. Otherwise, it is clear that the opinions on the route vary a lot.


All checkpoints are assessed and given feedback on. In the junior class, those who answered are 100% satisfied. In the 600 class, it is again Jergul who scores the highest. In general, there is good feedback for every all checkpoints in this class. The average score is approx. 85 out of 100. Tana bro gets the lowest score and most complaints in 1200 class. The challenges in Tana come from a lack of hotels and a number of temporary solutions as a consequence of this. The total score for the 1200 checkpoints is also around 85 out of 100.

High score
The two fields that get the highest scores are the finish line and the volunteers. Both score 95 out of 100. We have received some comments saying that we as organizers should provide a little better training in some of the tasks that the many hundreds of volunteers perform.


This is the topic on which we have received the most comments. Most of them are positive. This year there were a number of new vets on the team and therefore the total squad was a little less experienced than normal. This has resulted in some negative comments and requests for improvement. The mandatory check in Karasjok for the 600 class has received some criticism both because organization and execution. As so often before, the overall impression from the participants is that the vets are doing a fantastic and important job. Gratitude also characterizes this year’s feedback. Total score is 75 out of 100.


Race management and TDs
Both the Norwegian dog sled Association’s TDs, TD aspirants and Finnmarksløpet’s own race managers receive very good scores in 2024. There are few who have come up with suggestions for improvement. Score 90 out of 100.

The media coverage
Here, two clear improvements are highlighted. One is to get NRK’s magazine broadcasts back and more spotlight on participants further back in the field. Total score is 75 out of 100.


The changes
The rest time regulations for the 600 class were changed before this year’s race. We therefore specifically wanted to get feedback on what the participants in this class think. Here a score was not given, but many took the time to comment. In short, there is very good feedback for the changes. There are some participants who think some stages are to long. We also asked how much rest each person had in total. The answers were from 23 to 35 hours.

Many good experiences
We also give the participants the opportunity to give written feedback on what they want, open form, and we ask to hear their best memory. There are of course many different answers here. In general, it is gratifying to read about some of their best experiences. We have selected three random feedbacks:

– Mushing out of Tana in the dark with the Tana bridge lit up in the Sami colors…

– The start from Alta till Joatka. All the way there were people along the track cheering, shouting and encouraging. You felt like a winner all the way from the start to Joatka…

Rest on the trail! Fantastic to be able to set up the strategy/race yourself without having to deal so much with the checkpoints. Opens to better management of own dogs, as well as to avoid “stage-race”. Also a great way to be able to avoid bass lures/contagion at the checkpoint, especially when we got warm weather…

Participate again?
65% of those asked answer that they will do the Finnmark race again, 30% don’t know, while 5% answer no.

Total score (-)5
As in previous years, we ask in the very last question to give the race a total grade using dice as a scale (1-6). For 2024, the participants’ average rating was a weak 5.

We have many pages with good advices and suggestions for improvement and the process of improving ourselves is already underway.