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– A Miracle Story

March 16, 2023 | 10:35 am

Sametingspresident Silje Muotka under Finnmarksløpet i Alta.

It is not a given that it shall be possible to send more than 1,000 dogs across reindeer herding areas like the Finnmark Race does. Sami President Silje Muotka points to the good dialogue and good interactions as decisive for suceeding.

Good dialoge decisive 

-It really is a miracle story, the fact that we have succeded. And we will make no secret of the fact that there has previously been a conflict of interest. Of course there may be challenges in the future too, and it will be important that we take it seriously straight away then. Here, the Finnmark Race is a role model as to how to proceed. Good dialogue is decisive and demonstrates what we can achieve through good interaction, says the Sami Parliament President.

She believes the Finnmark Race to be an important event.

– The Finnmark Race is a public festive event at which we can celebrate all the best Finnmark has to offer. It stirs life and action in Alta as well as on the checkpoints and contributes to creating attractive local communities that people want to visit and live in, Muotka says.

Displays Sami culture

The Finnmark Race has its traveling Siida, a cultural even diplaying Sami culture on several checkpoints. The Sami Parliament President makes no secret of being proud of the Sami artists who are part of the Siida.

– The Sami artists who are part of the Finnmark Race have the world as their work market. They received widespread attention during the Venice Biennal, which is one of the most important showrooms for contemporary art. Máret Ánne Sara is also the artist behind the main piece of art at the entry party of the new Norwegian National Museum of Arts. It is great that our own now get to experience their art through the Finnmark Race.

Many opportunities

Muotka is well pleased that the Finnmark Race places Finnmark and Sami culture on the map, both nationally and internationally. In 2020, the Finnmark Race received a contribution through the state budget to exploit the opportunities this creates. The Sami Parliament President believes there are many opportunities for developing the Finnmark Race.

– The Finnmark Race has become an important actor in developing society in our region. There is a great potential here, and I am sure much could be realised with more predictable funding, Muotka says in closing.