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Registration and info for 2024

September 14, 2023 | 2:33 pm

As always, we publish changes for next year’s race just before registration opens. In this article, we will present information and changes for Finnmarksløpet 2024. Registration will be opens from 15th September at 18.00. Finnmarksløpet starts in week 10.

The rules surrounding the registration itself have not been changed. For the senior classes, it is possible to sign up from 15th September up to and including 30th November. It is possible to apply for late registration after 30th November. In that case, it is mainly the number of registrants that determines whether it will be accepted. For the junior class, the deadline to register is 20th of February.

Anyone who registers and pays the registration fee before 30th of September can take part in the draw for a start number.

FL junior
No changes are planned for FL-junior. The class has, as it has had several times before, the status of the Norwegian championship in long-distance dog sledding for juniors in 2024. The race fee for the junior class will not changed and will still be NOK 3,000.
The race starts on Saturday 9 March at 1 p.m.

There are two major changes for the FL-600. Checkpoint Maze is taken out of the race. Maze will not be replaced with another checkpoint. This means that the first stage will be approx 130 kilometers.

The rest time regulations for this class will be changed. The pot of a minimum of 22 hours does not apply from 2024. Two mandatory minimum rest periods are introduced. The first is at checkpoint Jergul and is set to a minimum of 4 hours. In addition, time alignment must be done at checkpoint Jergul. The second mandatory rest is a minimum of 6 hours and must be taken at checkpoint Karasjok. The rules will be updated at our webpage shortly.

The race fee for the FL-600 has been unchanged since 2019. It is now being increased from NOK 7,000 to NOK 7,500.
The race starts on Saturday 9 March at 13.15

For the 1200 class there is no changes for 2024.
The race fee for the FL-1200 has been unchanged since 2019. It is now being increased from NOK 14,000 to NOK 15,000.
The race starts on Friday 8 March at 12.00

Link to signup
If you have any questions. Please contact us at signup@finnmarkslopet.no