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Everyone have hit the trails!

March 11, 2023 | 5:51 pm

FL-junior musher hitting the trail downtown Alta on Saturday.

This afternoon, the mushers of FL-junior and FL-600 hit the trails, and the competition for this year’s Finnmark Race and IFSS World Championship is now on.

The FL-junior and FL-600 mushers hit the trail from Alta in crisp winter weather today. From 13:00 CET and for approximately 90 minutes, a total of 80 mushers crossed the start line with their respective teams of six or eight dogs in front of their sleds.

Before that, Sami Parliament President Silje Muotka, IFSS President Eeva Aijala and Alta Mayor Monica Nielsen (Labor) had greeted the mushers and the event.

IFSS-president Eeva Aijala (left), Sami Parliament President Silje Muotka (center) and Alta Mayor Monica Nielsen (Labor, right) greet the mushers and the event at the start Saturday mid-day.


For the mushers hitting the trail yesterday – the FL-1200 participants – today has been spent mushing and resting between Kautokeino, Jergul and Karasjok; the front runners arriving at the latter checkpoint this afternoon and evening.

The weather is reported to be great and there is great support for the race from people who turn opp by the trail and cheer contestants on in their endeavours. Both mushers, dogs and organizers appreciate this very much!

Husband Per Olav Gausereide helped Elisabeth Edland slow down the speed of her team when leaving Alta in the FL-600 race earlier today.

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(All photos: Sten Tony Hansen)