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Participant in Finnmarksløpet hit by snowmobile

March 10, 2018 | 10:42 pm

Updated: One of the participants in the FL-junior race was Saturday hit by a snowmobile while on-trail between Alta and Jotka.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon CET. The race marshal and the reindeer police, who followed the field of junior mushers, have taken care of the participant. The participant was injured in the knee and chose to scratch from the race. She is currently on her way to a medical examination.

The incident took place in the Bollo area, a place where the trail is winding and curvy. According to the participant’s father, she had made a stop on-trail to untangle some dog lines when a snowmobile came. The driver did not manage to stop and hit the musher. He then stopped and asked if she were okay. Being in a state of shock, she responded that she was  fine and the snowmobile then drove on.

When continuing torwards Jotka, however, pain increased and after two hours’ mushing she ran into an acquaintance who helped her get in touch with the team – the race management and the reindeer police – who then took care of her.

This information is provided by the participant’s father, who is also her handler. He wants us to communicate the correct facts about the incident.