Finnmarksløpet runs through 12 checkpoints from the west to the east of the county. Here you will find some practical information about each of them, but if you want to learn more about their history and the meaning of the Samii name they have, you can do so by clicking this link >>


JOTKA/Joatkajávri. (FL-600/FL-junior/FL-1200)
The checkpoint is located without a road connection at Jotka Mountain lodge, approx. 10 kilometers from the point where the dog sledges cross the road at Jotkavann. It is possible to rent rooms or cabins at Jotka Mountain Lodge, and there is a small cafe in the lodge. The checkpoint is the first and last checkpoint for FL-junior class, and the last checkpoint for FL-600 and FL-1200.

Telefon: +47 466 33 774

MASI/Máze  (FL-600)

The first checkpoint in the 600 class. Located in the small spam village Masi at the public school. Masi is located east of road E45 between Kautokeino and Alta. The checkpoint is not available for handlers.

KAUTOKEINO/Guovdageaidnu  (FL-1200/FL-600)
Kautokeino is a village south in Finnmark along Rv 93 with about 2,000 inhabitants. The checkpoint is at Báktehárji sports center, centrally located in the village. In Kautokeino, the majority of the inhabitants are Sapmi-speaking. The checkpoint at Báktehárji Sports Hall will have a 24-hour café during the race, but there are no accommodations for handlers and spectators.

SUOSSJAVRI/Šuoššjávri (FL-junior)
The checkpoint is on Suossjavri mountain lodge located right on RV 92, about 50 km west of Karasjok. There are limited accommondation facilities for spectators and handlers, but the lodge can be contacted for more information. Café is open for everybody.

Phone: +47 466 33 774

LEVAJOK / Leavvajohka (FL-1200/FL-600)
Checkpoint Levajok is located just off the E6 approximately in the middle between Karasjok and Tana bru. The checkpoint is at Levajok mountain lodge. Here is a cafe and cabins for rent.

Phone: +47 789 28 714

KARASJOK / Kárášjohka (FL-600/FL-1200)
Karasjok is the country’s second largest municipality, with an area of ​​5464 km². The city center of Karasjok has 1800 inhabitants, 80% of whom are Sapmi-speaking. The area used is the “Guest” which lies right at Scandic Karasjok. The experience center “Sapmi” is used as a race cafe. For overnight stays, we recommend contacting the hotel.

Phone Scandic: +47 784 68 860
Webside Scandic

JERGUL (FL-1200/FL-600)
Jergul is a small place in Karasjok municipality. The location is about 30 minutes drive from the town of Karasjok. The checkpoint is on Jergul Astu and is located right by RV. 92. Jergul Astu is a modern mountain house with a large café / restaurant and good beds.

Phone: +47 784 69 100

TANA BRU / Deanušaldi  (FL-1200)
Tana bru is the administrative center in Tana municipality and has almost 600 inhabitants. In the center of Tana is the checkpoint at Tana hotel & camping. Here is the food in several places right with the checkpoint. For accommodation we recommend Tana hotel & camping. Tana municipality arranges winter market / festival while the mushers arrive at the place.

Phone Elva Hotel: +47 789 28 222

NEIDEN / Njávdán / Njauddâm  (FL-1200)
Neiden is a village in Sør-Varanger municipality with about 250 inhabitants. The actual checkpoint is the Neiden mountain lodge located in Upper Neiden, a few kilometers from the E6 along the Rv. 893 which goes to the border of Finland. This is a traditional mountain lodge with cabins and a relatively spacious cafe. There is also nice facilities for caravans/motor homes.

Phone: +47 789 96 141/+47 995 51 517

KIRKENES / Girkonjárga  (FL-1200)
Kirkenes is a settlement and administrative center in the municipality of Sør Varanger and has 4 500 inhabitants. The checkpoint is at the Scandic Kirkenes in the center of the city. This is a modern hotel with all facilities, even swimming pool.

Phone +47 789 95 900
Websice Scandic

Øvre Pasvik / Báhčaveadji  (FL-1200)
Øvre Pasvik is a so-called wilderness checkpoint. That is, participants only get water, straw and simple sleeping facilities. The checkpoint is at Øvre Pasvik Camping in Vaggatem in Øvre  Pasvik. Finnmarksløpet has the entire campsite as a checkpoint. Participants are not allowed to rent their own cabins. It is possible to buy food at the checkpoint and it will be a big fireplace for participants. The public and the press have limited access to the checkpoint.


VARANGERBOTN / Vuonnabahta (FL-1200)
The checkpoint is at Varanger Sami Museum and the church house in Varangerbotn, 16 kilometers from Tana bridge direction Kirkenes. “8 seasons” is a small hotel in the middle of Varangerbotn and have rooms in Sapmi inspired environment. There is also restaurant Capri on the ground floor. At the checkpoint there is possible to get food and drinks.