Environmental Policy

Policy for the company’s work in climate, environment and working environment.

The Finnmarksløpet strategy is the basis for our decisions.


The purpose is to anchor the direction and work on climate, environment and working environment internally among employees, as well as to highlight the focus areas for customers and other interested parties.

Miljøsertifisering er blitt en hygienefaktor og det forventes at et arrangement som Finnmarksløpet, har oversikt over kildene til negative miljøpåvirkning og en plan for å minimere belastningen.

Environmental policy

“A sustainable event – silent tracks through beautiful and untouched nature”

Finnmarksløpet one of the best and most recognized events when it comes to green events in our category. We have great visibility nationally and internationally and, through our position, shall not only minimize our own environmental footprint, but also contribute to more actors taking the same step.We are committed to initiating measures to reduce pollution in our scenic surroundings, and to work on continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Our objective with environmental certification is:

  • Create a good working environment through our values; professional, ambitious and inclusive
  • Raise awareness for the organization, and continuously work for solutions that have less environmental consequences
  • Make partners aware of taking action on environmental solutions to minimize the event’s environmental impact

Finnmarksløpet prepares an annual report. This can be sent on request.

FL Klimaregnskap 2022