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Musher information for Finnmarksløpet 2022

NOTE! From 2022, most will be done via registration profile. By logging on their own profile and following instructions via the profile’s timeline, entrants can fulfill most tasks before race start. Tasks to be performed will be described in the profile. Due to the pandemic, we will avoid as much contact between participants and Finnmarksløpet’s officials as possible. Banquets, start and finish-handling as well as prize giving ceremonies will be posted on our website and sent out to all participants via e-mail closer to the start of the race.

Information below is from earlier races and will be edited. We kindly ask all entrants to log on to their profile and use it to perform tasks regarding Finnmarksløpet 2022.


Race office Pre race check Finnmark Race plaque Prizes Map: Alta Show Race Checkpoint Depot Handler/handler car Map GPS

Dog chip list FL-600
Dog chip list FL-junior
Dog chip list FL-1200

Depot delivery junior
Depot delivery 600
Depot delivery 1200


NB! All participants must personally register before race meeting Thursday. See program here.

Here the participant will:

  • Enter list of chip numbers for dogs that are nominated for startup, in two examples. For 1200 km / 14-dog team max 16 dogs and to 600 km / 8-dog team max 10 dogs, junior 6-dog team max 8 dogs. Dog list – name and chip number at top of this site.
  • Submit your own Self-declaration signed with a personal signature from the musher and identity card. Self declaration english-version
  • Take the reserve food to the dogs for inspection and sealing
  • Submit vaccination certificates for dogs, age and required vaccinations (see veterinary pages for further clarification)
  • All foreign mushers must submit documentation at the date of entry to Norway and approved vaccination – see information on the veterinary website and link to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s website
  • Provide an approved NHF license or sign a one-time license

At the race office you will be given the opportunity to pay the license to NHF. Mushers from other countries need licencs from their countrys federation.

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Pre race check (mandatory)

Information about mandatory pre race check in Alta before race start will be posted later.

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Finnmark Race plaque

Everyone finishing the Finnmarksløpet for the first time gets a plaque in Altaskifer. The plaque is 35 x 45 cm. with Finnmarksløpset logo invoked.

First-time musher: All are considered “Rookie” in the class they make until they have finished.

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There are cash prizes and gift prizes in Finnmarksløpet. Own awards after round number of completed races.

Full overview of premiums can be found here.

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Map: Important places in Alta

In the map below you will find the most important places in Alta in preparation for the race.

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Restrooms / cabins at the checkpoints will initially be reserved for mushers. Finnmarksløpet has no offers for riders and handlers who want their own rooms / cabins. Own bookings are recommended, more information on accommodation here.

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The participant handles the depotbags at Skillemoen (see map further up) Thursday between kl. 09.00 and 15.00

The bags are placed in the designated space on the trailer, which is parked in the parking lot. It is divided by and marked by different rooms to the different checkpoints on the car. Be careful that your bags are placed in the correct room for the checkpoint to which the deposit box is intended. Participant must sign on lists that depots has been handed in.

It is the individual mushers responsibility to put his depotbags in the right room on the car.


You should pack your equipment in the best possible way with solid bags, such as nylon bags, as these prove to be of the best and safest type in terms of strength and marking (you write directly on the bag). Our experience with the use of plastic or paper bags is that these are easily cracked and are not in any way recommended. Deposits that are not properly packed and marked with drive and full driving name may end up in other places than intended. Finnmarksløpet does not take extra trouble with bags that are sloppy packed and marked!

If you choose to use cooling bags, these should be of such a design that they can withstand hard treatment.


You should think that there are about 45 to 50 dogfood and equipment to be transported with the trailer, so pack and mark your bags properly.

It is not permissible to send flammable or harmful liquids with the storage bags.


There will be delivered a whole straw ball (about 26kg) to the FL-1200 class at each checkpoint. In the FL-500 half a straw ball is placed at Joatka I and II and Karasjok. There will be one at Jergul, Kautokeino and Valjok.


If there are any questions, I’ll be on the phone at 997 985 99

With regards
Alf Thrane
(Responsible depots)

Food drop leftover / left dogs

We kindly ask handlers to bring their own rest depot as well as left dogs from the checkpoints after the mushers has left, and that those who do not have handlers to deal with other handlers. Restdepot bags that are not packaged properly and marked with name will be considered as garbage.

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Handlers / handlercar

Finnmarksløpet recommends that all participants have handler (s) and car that follow the musher from checkpoint to checkpoint. One handler per team must meet at the race meeting. There should be at least two drivers on each car. The car should have a dog box with space for the whole dog sled.

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NB! From 2011, you can alternatively to the M711 series deck (see below) have:

Map in scale 1: 250,000 with drawn track and GPS with uploaded trails.

(The GPS should be operational (power) throughout the race)

Map i 1:250 000:


Hunting and fishing map 14 (Finnmarksvidda)


Hunting and fishing map 14 (Finnmarksvidda)
Hunting and fishing map 16 (Finnmark East)


Hunting and fishing map 14 (Finnmarksvidda)

The maps in the Hunting and Recreation series are at least able to get on the links:

On you can find detailed trails added to the digital map. You will find the trails and checkpoints under the category “Hundekjøring og Kiting”.


About the maps and the trails

The trail description is written from a musher point of view. To get the best results from reading, it is a good idea to keep eye on track of the M-711 series maps. These maps are the only ones over this area that are suitable for orienting after, – if necessary.

The majority of the trails follows roads and snowmobile tracks on the platau marked with birch twigs, 1 to 2 meters high. In these areas, the organizers are marked with the distinctive blue sticks, limit to places where you can make mistakes, as well as some “confirmations” with relatively long spaces. The stretches that tie together the municipal snowmobile trails are marked especially by the organizer.

Maps with entered trails will be available in the info desk from Tuesday so that you can transfer the trail in your own maps. During the race meeting, special information about marking, difficult areas, etc. will be given.

Long stretches follow the trails map marks for winter road (=====) in blue. The names of the charts and checkpoints are indicated by BIG LETTERS in the description.

Snowmobiles drive the stretches between checkpoints a couple of hours before leading team and make sure the marking is in place. Despite the fact that tens of thousands of dollars are used every year to mark the Finnmarksløps trail, it is not always possible that race can be run without maps.

It is therefore a necessary qualification to participate in a race like this that you can move in the terrain with map and compass / GPS. A necessary qualification in line with being able to take care of themselves and their dogs out there, in a 3- to 4-day winter storm with up to hurricane strength.

varri = mountains
oaivi = spots / mountains
cåkka (utt.tsjåkka) = tind
jåkka = river
njarga = enjoyment
javri = water
luobbal = less water associated with a larger, often called “kjos” in Norwegian.
gurra = narrow valley / gap
vuobmi = (forest) valley

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FL tracks for GPS – download

Junior GPX: FL JR 2023
Junior GDB: FL JR 2023

600 GPX: FL 600 2023
600 GDB: FL 600 2023

1200 GPX: FL 1200 2023
1200 GDB: FL 1200 2023