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Updated 03 March 2017


The Finnmark Race follows the Norwegian Sled Dog Federation's regulations for Vaccination of Dog

PLEASE NOTE according to NHF's rules  all dogs that participate in the race shall be marked with a microchip implant. If it is not possible to read/find the chip the dog can't start in the race.

All dogs that are to participate in events organised by the NHF shall be vaccinated against




From 2017 it is also mandatory in The Finnmark Race with

intranasal kennel cough vaccination this intranasal vaccination must be valid and set no later than six weeks prior to race start.

The vaccination card/passport must include the dog's name, date of birth and chip number and a also the date of chip implantation.


The name of the vaccine (letter symbol), date of vaccination and

identity marking shall be confirmed by a veterinary by his/her

signature. Please note: Implantation of microchip shall be done no

later than at the same time as the vaccination


No participating dog shall have taken any vaccinations during the

last 14 days prior to race start.


Vaccinations in training free periods:

The head vet recommends that all vacinations for race dogs, irrespective of the vaccine, is given in the quiet summer season. Due to the use of immunproteins. One can expect improved effect of vaccinations given during the summer season and the risks of side effects are less than if administered during training and racing season.

Please note: Mushers and dogs coming from other countries than Norway must fulfill additional requirements regarding documentation, vaccination and deworming! The rabies vaccine given for the first time is not valid till after 21 days.

PreRaceCheck info 

Musher info in English


Import of dogs:

From European Union:


From third countries:


Please note, that you are allowed to import more than 5 animals when attending a competition. Read the information in the link above, regarding where you come from.

NHF Regulations for Vaccination of Dog.pdf

Forms if use of gastric acid absorbing drugs:

Personal Statement:
Declaration - English version.pdf


Use of Anti-Ulcer medicaments:


Anti Doping/ Regelverk IFSS:

Anti-Doping Rules/Antidoping regelverk

List of prohibited substances and methods / Forbudte stoffer, metoder og juks

IFSS Race Rules/ Løpsregler



Chief veterinarian: Arild Jøssund

Mob: + 47 952 14 880