FL-500 (8-dog class): Legs and checkpoints

8-dog Class: Legs and checkpoints

UPDATED FEB. 17th 2016

Out checkpoint In checkpointDistanseTot. dist.
Alta   Joatka 1 79 km 79 km
Joatka 1   Jergul 76 km 155 km
Jergul   Mollisjok 64 km 219 km
Mollisjok   Karasjok 54 km 273 km
Karasjok   Levajok 83 km 356 km
Levajok   Skoganvarre 84 km 440 km
Skoganvarre   Joatka 2 58 km 498 km
Joatka   Alta sentrum  50 km 548 km

Alta - Joatka, checkpoint.

Start is Alta Center. The trail goes down to the Alta River. A major road crossing about one kilometer before the river. Map: 1834-I ALTA. Follow the river all the way up to SORRISNIVA BRIDGE.

After the bridge the trail winds up old routes/roads until the open mountain area and at the tree line boarder, the trail split from the junior and 1000 class trail. The 500 track will follow a snowmobile trail to Stilla, some steep downhill and river mushing, crossing a public road with small traffic (guarded). The route then goes east against Sopas, then to Stabbursdalen, and the last 10 kilometers will be the same trail as in to Jotka 2. Distance Alta - Joatka is 79 km.

2 hours mandatory rest and time alligment at Joatka. 

Joatka – Jergul checkpoint.

From JOATKA is open mountain area. The trail is well marked. You will drive over the largest lake in Finnmar.  The trail passes by the mountain lodge «Mollisjok» and then turns and follows the river Iesjokha down to Suosjavre. We are crossing the main road to Karasjok, and head further east. The trail follows the river all the way to checkpoint JERGUL. 

Jergul – Mollisjok checkpoint.

From Jergul, we go the same way out as we came in, to Suossjavvre, following the snowmobile trail, then west againt Raggesluobal. A pretty light terrain, and the trall is the same as the junior class uses. At Iesjavvre, the trail goeas east and up to Mollisjok Mountain lodge.
At Mollisjok checkpoint there will be straw and water.

Mollisjok - Karasjok checkpoint.

From Mollisjok we go south east over the "Hundevidda" along the snowmobile trail down to Sadejavri and Ravnastua Mountain lodge. After passing the lodge we head down to the river Karasjok. It is about 15 km over driving on the river ice before you are at the checkpoint Karasjok. The station are at the Rica Hotel.

Karasjok – Levajok checkpoint. Tana river.

From  Karasjok the trail follows the river. First Karasjok River, then  the Tana River. Next stop is checkpoint LEVAJOK.

Levajok – Skoganvarre checkpoint.

From Levajok we head down the Tana River about 5 km before we turns west and follow the trail into mountain area. After some hours in the mountain the trail winds down to Skoganvarre checkpoint. 6 hours of mandatory rest at Skoganvarre.

Skoganvarre - Joatka 2 checkpoint.

After Skoganvarre it is hard climbing back to the mountains. Open land with little or no threes. Mountain plains all the way to checkpoint Joatka 2.

Joatka - Alta Center. Finnish line.

Same trail as on your way out.