JOTKA (FL-500/FL-1000)

The only checkpoint that do not have road acsess. Jotka Mountain Lodge, approximately 10 kilometers from the point where the dog teams cross the road at Jotkavann. It is possible to rent rooms or cabins on Jotka mountain lodge, and there is a small cafe at the lodge. Jotka checkpoint is the first and last checkpoint for both classes

Phone: +47 784 34 554



Skoganvarre is a village in Porsanger, at E6 between Lakselv and Karasjok. The checkpoint is Skoganvarre Villmark AS that is nearby the E6, 25 km south of Lakselv. There are cafe and of course the opportunity to rent a cabin. There are also extra cafe in the community center right next to the checkpoint.

Phone:  +47 468 62 958


LEVAJOK (FL-500/FL-1000)

Checkpoint Levajok is nearby the E6 about midway between Karasjok and Tana bru. The checkpoint is Levajok fjellstue. Here's cafe and cabins for rent.

Phone: +47 789 28 714


KARASJOK (FL-500/FL-1000)

Karasjok is the second largest municipality in the area with a size of 5464 km ². The village Karasjok has 1800 inhabitants of which 80% is Sami speaking. The area used is "Gjesten" which is right by Scandic Karasjok. The experience center "Sapmi" used as race café. For accommodation we recommend you call:

Scandic Hotel Phone: +47 784 68 860
Webpage Scandic

Mollisjok is at the center of Finnmarksvidda between Alta and Karasjok. Mollisjok is one of few mountain lodges, still owned by the state of Norway. Mollisjok is a well nown road cross for several winter and summer rutes.
The checkpoint contains mimimum faciliteis for entrants, water and straw. It is not located near any roads. Mollisjok will be checkpoint number three in the 500 class.




Jergul is a small place in Karasjok. The place is about 30 minutes drive from the village of Karasjok. The checkpoint is Jergul Astu located on highway. 92, 38 km west of Karasjok. Jergul Astu is a modern lodge with great cafe / restaurant, and plenty of beds.

Phone: +47 784 69 100


TANA BRU (FL-1000)

The village of Tana Bru is the administrative center in the municipality of Tana and have barely 600 inhabitants. Right in the center of Tana is the checkpoint at Elva Hotel. Here is the ability of dining right at the checkpoint. For accommodation we recommend Elva Hotel. Tana Municipality organizes winter market/festival while the mushers arriving the place.

Telephone River Hotel: +47 789 28 222


NEIDEN (FL-1000)

Neiden is a village in Sør-Varanger municipality with about 250 inhabitants. The checkpoint is Neiden fjellstue located in Øvre Neiden, a few kilometers from the E6 highway along Rv. 893, heading the border towards Finland. This is a traditional mountain lodge with cabins and a relatively spacious café.

Tel: +47 789 96 141/+47 995 51 517



Kirkenes is the administrative center of Sør-Varanger and has 4,500 inhabitants. The checkpoint is at Scandic Hotel Kirkenes in downtown Kirkenes. This is a modern hotel with all the amenities, and even a swimming pool.

Tel: +47 789 95 900
Webpage Scandic

Øvre Pasvik (FL-1000)
An old fashion checkpoint with less facilities. Just water and straw for the teams. It is placed in Øvre Pasvik Camping in Vaggatem.
The public and the press have restricted access. Entrants can biy food at the checkpoint and there will be a campfire running all time while the checkpoint is active. Entrants does not have the possibility to rent cabins, there will be common sleeping places for entrants hosted by Finnmarksløpet.

Varangerbotn (FL-1000)
The checkpoint is at the Sami Museum and parish house in Varangerbotn, 16 km from Tana bru towards Kirkenes. There is unfortunately no opportunity for the public to stay, but there is cafe and activities at the checkpoinut during the race.


SIRMA (FL-1000)

Sirma is a small village in Tana. The checkpoint is simple but nice. It is simply the farm to welcoming Magnus and Marit Varsi. The checkpoint is about. 45 km southwest of Tana Bru, right nearby E6. The checkpoint has the opportunity for accommodation for riders and handlers. The main house are used for cooking, and you can buy dinner. There are no cabins or rooms for rent at this checkpoint.

Tel: +47 789 28 748
URL: Not available