Legs and checkpoints FL-1000

Open Class: Legs and checkpoints

Updated January 2017

 Ut sjekkpunkt Inn sjekkpunkt Distanse 
Etappe 1 START JOTKA 50 KM 
100 KM 
Etappe 5 TANA NEIDEN I 84 KM 
Etappe 8
Etappe 9
Etappe 10
Etappe 11 SIRMA  LEVAJOK II 66 KM 
Etappe 13
82 KM
Etappe 14 JOTKA ll ALTA MÅL  50 KM
Total distanse:  1047 KM 



In 2000, Alta received city status, and since that time Alta has been called the Northern Lights Town. The municipality of Alta has 19.000 inhabitants, and is the largest Municipality in Finnmark county.


The start is downtown Alta. From here the trail drops down to the Arones flat and crosses a road before it drops further down onto the Alta river, a couple of kilometres below the bridges and the camping grounds in Upper Alta. Map...:

1834-I ALTA. The trail follows the river up to SORRISNIVA BRIDGE/ RESTART, named Tverrstraumen on the map. Here we also find Alta Friluftspark with"Laksestua" (big traditional Sami turf hut) and"Ishotellet".

Here is where the restart takes place, just below the bridge. The restart is exactly(!) 120 minutes after the start downtown Alta for each team. 

On this first leg the teams must prepare to carry one passenger. The passenger must leave the sled at the restart. The teams that carry passengers may use a spare-sled for this purpose. The sled to be used in the competition may be placed at the restart beforehand or be brought there by the handlers.

From Sorrisniva a road runs up to Detsika, ending outside this map. The trail follows a tractor road, crossing this main road, for about 3.5 kilometres, climbing more than 300 meters - quite a stretch! We have now entered the area covered on the map...

1934-IV GARGIA ...and we cross the Langvannet Lake. We go past the Bollobekken brook and reach Gamasvarre Lake, which means a climb of 170 meters over ca. 3 kilometers. Now we are on the winter road marked in blue. On Gamasvarri Mountain we change track before heading down for Sivertvannet Lake. We have now entered the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau itself. It is quite easy driving across the Joatka lakes to the lodge at the southern end of the water system to the first checkpoint at JOTKA FJELLSTUE, (Joatka Lodge).


Jotka Lodge is the first checkpoint after the restart. The lodge is also the last checkpoint before finish. Here you can leave dogs, and cold water is found in an open creek. There is no straw. As the first station it is often very crowded at Joatka. It is no problem to find a place for the team but there may be problems with handling help. During those last races more and more mushers have only checked in and moved on for the next checkpoint Skoganvarre. On return the situation is very different. The teams are passing Jotka through a period of 3 to 4 days or more.

Jotka Lodge (or Mountain Inn) is an institution to the Finnmark Plateau and Finnmarksløpet. The Inn is open throughout the year. Here is a little Café and rooms for rent. - Ph +47 43 45 54 ONLY for ordering of room and dinner. You must not call this number and ask for Finnmarksløpet.


From Joatka we head east, out of the woods and across Lassejunjavri on a ridge. The trail heads north, across Njoaskejavri and down to the lakes of Stabbursdalsvannene. This map is named...

1934-I COKKARASSA. Just before the neck of land between the lakes the trail go sharp to the right/ east, an up the long but gentle slope towards the lake Levnasjavri in the pass over to the Lakselv-valley, between some of the highest mountains in this county. From here it is a not so gentle slope down to the checkpoint SKOGANVARRE

Some few kilometers after Joatka, along the Lakes of Stabbursdalen and in the slope down to Skoganvarre there is some woodland with short grown birches. The rest of the trail is naked and extremely weather exposed.


The checkpoint is at Skoganvarre Turist og Camping at Øvrevann. The teams are placed on the ice along the shore. There are depot, water and straw at the checkpoint. At daytime the café is open.

This little village Skoganvarre, is situated on the main road between the the centres Lakselv and Karasjok. Skoganvarre Turist og Camping is the only guesthouse in the village, but in Karasjok and Lakselv there are a lot of accommodations.


Leaving the checkpoint we cross the main road to the north of the camping ground and follow Dabmutjokka River onto the Lake Gaggavann. We leave the lake in Savismåkki, on the map...

2034-I HALKAVARRI... We follow the snowmobile track to the east and then north in raising and undulating terrain about 10 kilometers before hitting the upper end of the Luostejokka valley. Here we turn southeast below Vansnjunnis to Suolojavri, and then straight southeast to Astejavri and further down to the edge of the forest in the southern slope, and on to Gæccoaivi. Here we turn northeast onto the map...

2134-IV RASTIGAISSA ...southwest of Raktoaivi, which we shall skirt on the west and north. We move on across the bogs, Baisvoubmegæcci, which we follow northeast, north to Baktevarri. We then follow a valley northwest to Ullujavri and onto the lake Levvajavri in the southwestern corner. From here we go straight northeast and down the Levvajokka valley. From here we go straight northeast and down the Levvajokka valley. We follow the valley downwards, cross the main road under a bridge and turn right out on the Tana River itselves. From here we go some few kilometers south upwards the river to the checkpoint at Levajohk Lodge.

On the first part of this leg pins turns to low birches while ascending to some kilometers naked plateau before dumping down to the Luostejok-valley. The valley is pretty well protected against the worst weather till Suolojavre. From here it's naked land all the way till we are down in the Levajok-valley where we meet the birches again.



Levajok is a little village on the main road between Karasjok and Tana (90 km east from Karasjok)

The checkpoint is at the lodge Levajok Fjellstue. The café here is open and everything is prepared for the mushers who wants to stay for up to 12 hours. The Levajok depot also have straw an cold water. 

LEVAJOK I - TANA BRU ca. 110 km

Leaving the checkpoint at Sarajavri by Levajoka bridge, map..

2134 - I VIDDASOAIVI...we cross Levajohka (the river) and follow a tractor track uphill along Darjohka (river). We follow a dotted line until it ends, and move into the next map... 

2135 - II ULÂ’LUGAISA. We enter the map in the southwest corner between square 78 and 79, make a slow northeast turn and cross Maddimus Bårsejohka at two small islets at the map, and hold an eastbound direction along a height until we end up at Rætkajavrit and go further east along Gaisavuolejohka to Gåddet Javrit. - Further to Bæskajavrit, leaving the lake in the northeast corner (bigger bay), across a small lake (322) keep to north around a height and onto the next map on the bog between square 85 and 86, map...

2235 - II SIRMA. We enter the map at its western side on the lake Slindarjavri. Go straight east towards Galbmatjavri and follow Galbmatjohka to Gurtejavri were we enter a public snowmobile road (No 3A). We follow this road to the south after Gurtejohka until Deavkkehanjohka and Garppejohka. Her the road branches and we have to follow the east born branch a bit to the north towards Guhkesjavri across Stuorramaras. Further across bogs and southwards to Jeakkasjavri which we follow straight to the east and out of the map at square 23. We now enter map...

2335-II POLMAK. ...between square 80 and 81. Ca. at Ciikojohka the trail leaves the public snowmobile road and turn northeast to Kasserarcompa. Her we cross (90 deg) the snowmibile road coming up from Hillagurra. We go further northeast across the bogs, over Hanaskaidi to Hanaskaiddejavri. Some sections of the trail on the river some on the bank. We go on until the high-tension line, and just having passed this line we go west and out of the map onto map...

2335-I SMALFJORD ...between square 38 and square 39. From here the trail goes to the northeast below the hillside and down on Masjohka by Heandaratnjarga. The trail follows the turns of Masjohka for a 2 - 300 meters before it enters the bank on the east side of the river (right bank). On the map the trail goes through the word Heandaratnjarga at"ra". The trail proceeds streight east until we hit the dotted path on the map. We follow this path eastwards until  the path turns northeast in a creek an then in the vally between Gaskajavri and Maskejavri. We leave the path and go on the bog leaving the map in square 42 (at the"v" in Baktevarri). The next map is...

2235 II POLMAK... We follow the path out of the bog and go down Liksegurra. Just under the hill we leave to the north and cross a farm lane. The trail goes furthe to the south and passes a gravel pit at Oarjit Sieidda. Further south to Sieiddaguolbanat, and onto the country road wich lead us through the center of Tana Bru. We enter the big Tana river just upstreams (south) the bridge. From here it is 4 km to the next checkpoint TANA FAMILIECAMPING in Skippagurra. We follow the big river up to the checkpoint. (PAY ATTENTION: There might be crevasses in the river in this area, therefore you MUST follow the markers! There will be snowmobile trails all around this area). You will follow the river all the way up to the checkpoint. Next map is:

2335-III VARANGERBOTN ...You will cross the highway a little bit before the camping ground.



The municipality of Tana has about 3000 inhabitants. The checkpoint is located at Hotel Tana at the intersection in Tana Bru.

Hotel Tana is a small privately owned hotel with 29 rooms. The chechpoint is located between the hotel and the river. The checkpoint is a station with depot, straw and possibilities for leaving dogs. The hotel serves food, and it is adapted for the mushers to sleep in common room.

TANA - NEIDEN ca. 95 km

The trail goes straight east out of the checkpoint a few hundred meters before it crosses the highway and turns straight towards the south against Korsmyran. The trail heads over swampy areas eastward towards Havgajavri, Guollejavri and meets a dotted line (on the map) by Vesterelv. From here it continues down towards the highway on an unploughed road system. Parallel to the highway along the river Stranci before you enter a puplic snowmobile trail by Reatkaguolbba. The trail and goes straight south to Diergejavri (Lake). From here Finnmarksløper has marked it's own trail to lake 192 Juggejavri, on map...

2334-IV GUORRUNJUNNIS.  - Then on to Aslatnjoaski and Måkkejavri. You will turn a bit westward over Måkkesjavri and continue on the water system to the south till you get on the Western side of Justin oaivi where the trail follows Justinjohka to Justinjavri. Then it turns east over a swampy areas till it reaches Ucca Gallutjavras, where you will drive out of the map between route 42 and 43 and on to map...

2334-I BUGØYFJORD. You will be mushing south out of Gullatjavras over swampy areas until you leave this map by water 142 on route 72. You will now enter map ...

2334-II NEIDEN. You will enter this map at the cross between route 72/39, then you will cross Geadgessuolojavri. By lake 120 and Gallotjohka there are some cabins that belong to the checkpoint at Neiden. From here you will follow the trail that is used a lot by the checkpoint. It heads towards the east a bit south of Havgavarri and then on to Havgajavri, follows the swampy area to the east and does a turn on to the river Neiden by Litlefjell. You will follow the river down to the check point at Neiden. It lies by BADJEN JAVDAN.


Badjen Javdan is the check point in Neiden. This check point is a depot with straw and possibilities to leave dogs. 


Out of Neiden (2334 ll NEIDEN) we cross highway 893 and og towards south against Svartdalsmyra and Munkelva. Keep south and southeast against the border fence between Norway and Finland. Follow this for a couple of kilometres before trail turns left and into variatet terrain with pine trees and then uphill to the highest peak in Pasvik, Radjoaivi. We are now at the border fence again, and we follow the border until the trail goes east against Lille Spurvevann, and then to Hauge, up the river to Vaggatem and Øvre Pasvic Camping.

Øvre Pasvik Checkpoint is a simple station without depot, with water and straw. Entrants take out dogs at Øvre Pasvik and there is possibilities to buy food. There will be no speaker and very few spectators at Øvre Pasvik.



We cross the main road and go south against Noatun. (2433 lV SKOGFOSS).
We go against Kjerringnestet and then we are on the Pasvik river. We follow the river to Nordvestbukta we‘re we leave the river and go on land over Elgryggen and cross highway 885 at Skjellbekken.
The trail now follows a mixed terrain with frozen swamps and forrest over Markinnavatnet and Båttjønna. At Jussikoia we turn west to Malbekkoia before heading up a old timber road north past Myrbekkoia. The terrain is easy and pretacted by pine forrest. The timber road goes past Sametimyra before the trail goes of the timber road and head north to Steinvatnet and Øvretjern and keep north all the way to Sagvatnet. We now go to map 2434 lll HØYBUKTMOEN.

Just before Sagvatnet the trail goes east and joins a snowmobile route that goes over Mosemyra and down to Langfjordvatnet. The trail goes to the left, down on the lake and follow the lake Langfjordvatnet north until it goes of the lake and towards Namdalen. It goes east to Skurkkebuktvannet, then south along the power line almost to Jakolabekken before it goes north again and crosses the road 885 again just before Krokvatnet. The trail now goes north and west over Store Fiskevann and Lille Fiskevann to Fossevann. It continues north all the way to the Russian border at Gamvatn. Then we go up and over Georgevasstoppen and Grensefjellet and down on the other side to Hvalpvatnet. The Grensefjellet has some very steep slopes on both sides. We now move to map 2434 ll KIRKENES.

From Hvalpevatnet the trail continues north northwest against Lille Hvalpevann, then we pass three small lakes and from there on to a creek and frozen swamps against the railway. Just before the tunnel the road follows the railway all the way to the north end of Førstvann and main road E6. We go in on plowed road, well marked and in to the checkpoint Kirkenes at Scandic.



Out of the check point at Kirkenes you will mush along the worlds northernmost railway line (not in use any longer). You will have to cross the road and then enter the railway line that follows parallel to the highway. You then take of from the railway line and out off the Kirkenes map and on to Sandnesvannet on map...

2434-III HØYBUKTMOEN. From Sandnesvannet you will mush along the banks of the highway down to Langfjorden by Sandnes and then cross Langfjorden by Elvevoll where you will follow a marked snowmobile trail which is steep going up to Snarvatn. From here we continue on the snowmobile trail for a wile till we meet a trail made and marked by Finnmarksløpet. Soon we enter the map...

2334-I NEIDEN. ...and we will mush over some swamps and a highland until you reach the check point at NEIDEN II. You will enter the check point on the same trail that you left on going to Øvre Pasvik (and Kirkenes).



This is the same check point you stayed on, when on your way to Kirkenes. This check point is a depot with straw and possibilities to leave dogs.   


Homebound from Neiden we follow the same trail as we used when going  in the opposite direction, crossing the maps Neiden, Bugøyfjord, Guorronjunnis and then running on the map Varangerbotn until Reatkaguolbba just before the crossroads between the highway from Kirkenes and the local road down to Karlebotn. From here we go straight north between the river and the highway until we cross the highway just at the UTM line 59. Then we cross Hánoaivi, cross the other local road from the highway down to Karlebotn, further over Lageziidbákti and towards north over a stretch of boggy land, passing height 67, further into Vesterelvmyran (bog), cross a tractor track and an a bit bigger road, goes to the east of a field, cross the mouth of a river, and follow the shore towards the crossroads at Varangerbotn. The checkpoint, VÁRJJAT SAMI MUSEUM  (Váranger Sami Museum), is situated to the south east of the crossroad.


Varangerbotn is an little village in the municipality og Nesseby.

The chechpoint is located at Varanger Sapmi Museum, and provide straw and the possibility to leave dogs. There is an cafe at Nesseby parish, and mushers can also get some sleep at the parish.



Out from the checkpoint at Varangerbotn the trail crosses the road and follows Girkojohka southwestwards along the bogs, passing Vuoksajavri and meet the outgoing trail close to Guollejavri. We follow this trail towards Skippagurra until we pass some small islands in the bog north of Ruossoaivi. From here we follow a new trail a bit south of west, crossing the road to Polmak and go down on the Tana River. We go up the Tana River (southward) to Hillagurra. Here we cross the main road at the coordinates 364 766 and go aslant North West to a bog in square 35. From here we go shortly  westwards on a farm lane towards the main road - before we leave this lane again  and go aslant down towards a high tension line whish we follow to Båteng. In a creek/ little valley in Båteng we turns towards a dotted line (snowmobile trail) which we follow NW out of the map in square 81.

2235-III SIRMA. This snowmobile trail (3A) enters the map by Jeakkasjavri, and we go westwards crossing the bogs along the line 80, then turn slightly southwestwards to the lakeGukkesjavri, and go further in the same direction to an islet in Laksjåkka. We then cross square 77 diagonally and continue into Banasbohki where we follow the water stretch to a tractor track at Bajalgajavri (dotted line). In winter the dotted line is the public snowmobile trail, 2A. We follow this trail southeast to the checkpoint SIRMA.



The checkpoint is situated in the roadcrossing between a country road and the main road (E6). This checkpoint is a depot with straw and possibilities to leave dogs. Mushers can get some sleep at the chechpoint, and the cafeteria will be open.

SIRMA - LEVAJOK II ca. 55 km

We go down to the river just at the checkpoint in Sirma, and follow the river all the way up to the next checkpoint at LEVAJOK INN.



The checkpoint at the return is at the lodge Levajok Lodge. The cafe is open and everything is prepared for a longer rest. The Levajok depot also have straw and cold water. 


From Levajohk we travel on the Nerwegian side of the river into the map... 

2134-II VALLJÅKKA ...and further to where Tana river is foormed by the confluence of the two rivers Karasjohka and Anarjohka. Do not stay to far into the next country (Finland). We continue on the Karasjohka river to the next checkpoint KARASJOK - on the map..

2033-I KARASJOK. All the way on the river. 

The Tana river is wide, the vally is open and the weather may be tough when the wind blows along the vally. It is however pine- and birch wood along the river on both banks all the way. There is a saying that says that when you are on Tana river your weather problems are over - but, it may be cold!! 



The checkpoint in Karasjok has still not been decided. It will be an ordinary checkpoint that will have a depot, straw and possibilities to leave dogs. We will have more details later.


From Karasjok you will be on the same trail as limited class all the way to Mollisjok. Mushing out of Karasjok the trail will follow the river (Karasjohka) upward. You will follow the river for about 16 kilometers till you get to Assebakte. Shortly before you reach Asserbakte you will enter map... 

2033-IV IESJOKKA. You will be on a marked snowmobile trail all the time. On the river the markers might be hard to spot because they are very often run down by the snowmobiles. When you reach Asserbakte you will leave the river, cross the road following the snowmobile trail and continue on the public snowmobile trail passing Ravnastua fjellstue (lodge), continue over Sadejavre up to Hundevidda/Beatnatduoddar (mountain plateau - tundra), map... 

2034-II STIIPANAVZE. You will traverse Hundevidda/Beatnatduoddar passing Beatnatjavri and down to Mållesjohka fjellstue (lodge) on the map... 

1934-II IESJAVRE. The trail over Hundevidda is marked with solid iron poles a good deal of the trail. From Mållesjohka you will follow Iesjokka (river) for about 10 km northwestward until you get to the largest inland lake in Finnmark county, Iesjavri. After about 10 km you have crossed the lake and you will then have entered the northeastern tip of map... 

1934-III SUOLOVUOBME. From Iesjavri you have about 10 km. with rugged trail, hilly and weather torn terrain (mountain tundra) until you get to JOATKA FJELLSTUE (lodge) on the map...




JOTKA - ALTA Finish leg ca. 53 km


From Joatka to Alta we follow the same trail as we did on the outset.  Entering the top of Detsika the teams follow the same tractor-road down the long slope to the Alta river as we followed out, - but be aware that this can be pretty rough downhill run, and you will have to use your brake constantly in order to slow down the team - pretty tough on yourself, too! Luckily, your dog should be rather tired now!! - The finish line is under the Finnmarksløp's arch downtown Alta. We leave the Alta river and enter the left/ western bank about 17 kilometres after coming down on the Alta river at Sorrisniva (restart). From here we follow a pretty well marked trail into the centre of Alta city.

Don't forget to have your bib number from the checker. You must wear the bib number so it is clearly visible when passing the finish line.

When it comes to weather the plain part of this last leg may be one of the worst.

Happy trails.