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63. Lars Hoffmann   (43)      GER   Wesenberg / Gargnäs

Klasse: FL1000             Starter ikke
Tidligere løp:

Ditt beste hundekjørerminne:
Standing on the starting line of Femundløpet 600 with our own bred, raised and trained Cold-Nose-Huskies last year was for sure a great experience. But it is a bit like asking me after my favorite band - there is too many good ones to name just one.


Langdistanse erfaringer
Løp/ år/ plassering - inklusive alle gangene du har fullført Finnmarksløpet:

Pasvik Trail / 2007 / 4th place
Amundsen Race / 2009 / 34th place
Femund 600 / 2010 / 29th place
Femund 600 / 2016 / 28th place

Hvorfor langdistanse / Finnmarksløpet:
Dogs, nature, challenge and competition are things that I really like. The sport of long distance sled dog racing offers all of it in the same time. Being out in different kinds of weather and terrain together with your best friends is a feeling that is hard to describe in words. Just to start the race with your own dogs is an adventure itself, at least for me.A couple of years ago Ralph Johannessen told me: "If you want to run long distance you have to run Finnmarksløpet 1000 - there is no other long distance race in Europe!"He must know it! :)

Målsettinger og strategi for årets løp:
It is our first Finnmarksløpet ever and our goal is to gain experience and finish the race with style - no matter in what position.

Ledere i spannet/ navn/ alder:
Otokok (4), Jokk (3), Rask (3), Rauka (3), K.I.N.G (3), Vespa (7), Titan (3)

Lokalaviser: Västerbottens-Kuriren, Norran

Hobbyer: Hiking, paddling, reading, music, dogs, dogs, dogs...

My girlfriend Malin, our retiree Molle, our Malinois Blackneck's B'Ärgo and all our wonderful huskies of course.

Land: Germany / Sweden


Yrke: Nature Photographer / Musher


Ant. hunder: 30+

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