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10. Mel Andrews   (37)      GBR   Andover, UK

Class: FL1000             Not starting
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Ditt beste hundekjørerminne:
Hugging my team at the finish line of Femund 600 and seeing them all stood on their feet, leaning into their harnesses, eating all their food, happy, tails waging and still eager to go.

Huge thank you to:
MAD Husky Tours AS
Memory of Gaye Ogden

Langdistanse erfaringer
Løp/ år/ plassering - inklusive alle gangene du har fullført Finnmarksløpet:

2016: Femund 600km 19th, Gruvelopet 160km 3rd, Gausdal Marathon 200km
2015: Gruvelopet 160km 11th,
2014: Femund 600km 25th, Gruvelopet 160km 7th, Gausdal 200km 22nd
2013: Finnmark 500km 32nd, Femund 400km 69th, Gausdal 200km 22nd
2012: Polarhund 100km 11th, 2011 LGO

Hvorfor langdistanse / Finnmarksløpet:
Spending time with my dogs, exploring the mountains, the love of adventure and adrenaline, physical and mental challenges, working and competing as a team.

Målsettinger og strategi for årets løp:
Work hard and have fun as a team and finish the race.

Ledere i spannet/ navn/ alder:
24 dogs in training, all are special! Appi, Nanok, Toivo, Houdini, Nortug, Mac, Army, Ozzy, Colvil, Sarek, Sioux, Baker, Eddie, Tenzing, Summit, Kojak, Playboy, Polar, plus a bunch of awesome young dogs.

BBC, Andover Advertiser, This is Hampshire, Southern Echo

Dogsledding, Mountain Climbing, Skiing, Kayaking, Wilderness Camping, Free Diving, Photography & Writing.

Familiemedlemmer: My dogs, Nigel, Ann, Bruce, Barry & Darren

Land: Great Britain

Telefon: +447452388125


Yrke: Musher, Expedition Guide, Journalist

Trekkhundklubb: TeamGB BSSF

Kennel navn: MAD Husky Tours

Ant. hunder: 80

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