King Christer

Written by: Trond Anton Andersen/ Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Date: 21.03.2017 06:40

The Finnmark Race 2017 is over – and it ended in the best possible way.

An incredible Finnmark Race is history. Over the last days we have waited in suspense for Hendrik Stachnau and Christer Afseer’s two pure dog teams. Early Monday morning the former arrived in Alta in great form. After that, all eyes have been on Christer Afséer’s gps marker, which has stood still at the last checkpoint, Jotka.

FAR: Christer at the plateau, about 70 kilometers from the finish line. Photo: Rane Kristensen.

At 1.03 a.m. on Tuesday, Christer Afséer headed out on the last leg. At 5.55 a.m. Tuesday March 21st, he crossed the finish line in Øvre-Alta. For the first time, a team of Alaskan Malamute-dog have finished FL-1000. No one has probably completed a longer competition with AM than Christer. A small crowd of enthusiasts greeted him at the finish line, but the on-line audience via Facebook was far larger.

- I am incredible proud of what the dogs have delivered. We have had many kilometers with heavy tracks, we had to take a long rest at Jotka 2, but it ended well. Eight great dogs across the finish line – I made it, says the calm Swede who had the honor of finishing off this year’s Finnmark Race.



LAST MAN STANDING: He can rest assured that he and his great Malamutes did a fantastic job. Photo: Trond A. Andersen.

With this we can stat that FL-2017 is officially done. A race that will be remembered for years to come. It will be remembered for a record number of 14 of 14 great junior-participants from start to finish. It will also be remembered for Elisabeth Edlands incredible rescue after a wrong turn in the 500 class. It will hardly be forgotten how even the lead of FL-1000 was. And we will smilingly remember Hendrik Stachnaus and last but not least King Christer.

Participants, volunteers, handlers, audience and partners. Thank you for giving us THE BEST RACE EVER.