FL-1000: Several teams finished during the night

Written by: Niels Westphal/ Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Photo: Anne Riebelova
Date: 18.03.2017 08:14

Petter Jahnsen decided the battle over the gold to his advantage in front of a record size crowd in Alta last night, after a historical fight with Marit Beate Kasin. In the hours that came several mushers and even more dogs have made it across the finish line in Alta during Friday evening and the following night. 

Rogh weather in Alta when Erlend Johannessen came across the finish line early Saturday morning. Photo: Skjermdump

At 8:00 a.m., the list over teams who have finished looks like this:

1. Petter Jahnsen  8.46 p.m.

2. Marit Beate Kasin  9.01 p.m.

3. Lasse Austgarden  10.42 p.m.

4. Ola Brennodden Sunde  10.52 p.m.

5. Kristian Walseth  11.27 p.m

6. Kristoffer Halvorsen  11.28 p.m.

7. Niklas Rogne 11.51 p.m.

8. Thomas Wærner  12.14 a.m.

9. Arnt Ola Skjerve 1.02 a.m.

10. Yngve Fagerli  3.19 a.m.

11. Christian Høy Knudsen  3.43 a.m.

12. Bernhard Schuchert  4.45 a.m.

13. Dag Torulf Olsen  5.33 a.m.

14. Erlend Johannessen  7.78 a.m.

 All finishes have been, and are still, streamed live via Facebook. The videos are available at the Finnmark Rac  Facebookpage.

Several are approaching – several scratched

At the moment, four teams are headed toward Alta from Jotka. One is resting at Jotka. Two are moving between Karasjok and Jotka, one is resting in Karasjok, one is between Levajok and Karasjok, while Christer Afseer is still resting in Levajok.  

During Friday evening and Saturday night, some mushers had to scratch the race. Ronny Frydenlund was able to make it to Jotka, but then decided to scratch there. Miguel-Angel Martinez scratched in Levajok, while Nora Själin had to scratch between Levajok and Karasjok.

Miguels-Angel Martinez unfortunately to scratch in Levajok on Friday. Photo: Anna Riebelova