FL-1000: Position in race is not all that counts

Written by: Anders Abrahamsen/ Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Date: 16.03.2017 15:15

Most mushers in competing in long distance racing choose Alaska huskies in front of the sled. It is a mixed breed, where polar dogs have been mixed with bird dogs, and some other random dog breeds at times.

In order to do well in long distance competitions, like the Finnmark Race and Iditarod, many would say that the Alaska husky is the best alternative. Still, many swear by purebred dogs. This also goes for several of the participants in this year’s Finnmark Race.


Hendrik Stachnau with his team of Malamutes and Greenland dogs. (Photo: Anna Riebelova)

As we are writing this, Christer Afséer and Hendrik Stachnau are heading to Varangerboth, and both have teams with purebred dogs. While Christer swears by Malamutes, Hendrik has both Malamutes and Greenland dogs in his team.

Jana Henychova also has a team of purebreds. However, she scratched in Øvre Pasvik.


Krister Afséer crossed the finish line in Alta in 2016, having finished FL-500. (Photo: Trond Anton Andersen)

For these mushers, it is rarely about the best positions in the race. The challenge of finishing and he experience is often the objective.

- A great nature experience and challenge to attempt to finish FL-100 with Malamutes, said Christer Afséer before the race.

Hendrik Stachnau has participated in both Femund Race and the Finnark Race before with his purebred dogs, at the time also focusing on completing the race. This year he wants to… - finish the Finnmark 1000 km with Alaskan Malamutes and Greenland dogs, he said in his musher’s profile before the race.