Best Dog Care Award to Sissel Vollan

Written by: Elisabeth Bergquist/Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Date: 15.03.2017 22:03

Sissel Vollan won the award for best dog care in this year’s FL-500.

Among the Finnmark Race mushers, the most prestigious prize is clearly the one awarded for best dog care.

This year, Sissel Vollan from Team Kvam won the award. She crossed the finish line as number five in FL-500.


Sissel Kvam was touched when she accepted the award for best dog care in FL-500 2017. (Photo: Anders Abrahamsen)

Best Dog Care Award is given out by the Finnmark Race vets. They observe and examine dogs at all checkpoints throughout the race, and oversee all dogs and mushers from start to finish. On this basis, they nominate candidates and select one musher who will be given this award.

This year, Vollan stood out among many good mushers. Congratulations!