Straight from the finish line in Alta to FL-1000 in Kirkenes

Written by: Anders Abrahamsen/ Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Date: 14.03.2017 09:42

Maria Hernetkoski had barely crossed the finish line in Alta, before heading toward Kirkenes and partner Kristian Walseth, who is in the middle of FL-1000.

After 550 kilometer with kicking and running, Maria Hernetkoski was tired when she arrived in Alta city Tuesday at 8:21 a.m.

Last time she participated in Finnmarksløpet, she came in as number 17; this time it was a strong 7th position for the strong woman from Mathisdalen.

Wants to go to Kirkenes

It was a tired musher at the finish in Alta. Even so, Maria was determined. “How can I get to Kirkenes?” She is Kristian Walseth’s partner, who is currently fighting in the lead of FL-1000. – I want to get to Kirkenes to be a handler for Kristian.

On the phone, at the same time as the dogs are being taken care of, the organizing was taking place. –How long is Kristian in Kirkenes? And when is the next flight?

The conclution was that the route across all of Troms and Finnmark was the only alternative.  - It is fine. I can sleep just about anywhere right now, smiled Maria.


Maria arriving in Alta. Photo: Anders Abrahamsen