FL-1000: Full speed in Pasvik

Written by: Niels Westphal/ Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Photo: Niels Westphal
Date: 14.03.2017 11:34

Niklas Rogne did not rest at the checkpoint in Øvre Pasvik, and is perhaps trying to put some pressure on the other competitors. But two teams, who have postponed their rest until checkpoint Kirkenes, are ahead of him on the trail.

Ola Brennodden Sunde in Pasvik. Photo: Niels Westphal

After a few hours with rest in Pasvik, Jo Are Brennodden and Alf Einar Hernes head toward Kirkenes to take out their required 16-hour rest. Several other teams follow. It remains to be seen if the two in the lead can stay ahead of rested competitors on the demanding stretch toward Kirkenes. 

Several skipped rest

Niklas Rogne follows right after the two in the lead. The man from Røros only stopped for a few minutes at the wilderness checkpoint in Øvre Pasvik, before moving on. Rogne, who took out his long rest already in Tana, brought some straw in his sled. He obviously plans to rest next to the trail, out of his competitors’ sight. Niklas’ GPS does not work at the moment, so he is difficult to keep track of. Ronny Frydenlund also went straight through Pasvik, spending just a few minutes at the checkpoint. He should have fresh dogs, after having rested 16 hours in Neiden. The same goes for Petter Jahnsen, who stopped for 1,5 hour in Pasvik, before moving on toward Kirkenes.


Niklas Rogne in Pasvik. Photo: Niels Westphal

Warm weather and rain

Marit Beate Kasin, who was the first to take the longer rest, is still resting in Pasvik, and so does Thomas Wærner, Ola Brennodden Sunde,  Lasse Austgulen and several other mushers. Warm weather is expecting them in Eastern Finnmark, with teperatures above freezing, some rain and loose tracks.