Elisabeth Edland won FL-500

Written by: Morten Broks/ Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Date: 14.03.2017 06:42

Everyone figured she was no longer going to be competing for the gold medal in FL-500 after she made a wrong turn at the beginning of the race, but Elisabeth Edland from Nannestad proved them all wrong over the last 108 kilometers toward Alta.

A happy Elisabeth Edland talks about her race – and the wrong turn early in the race. (Photo: Elisabeth Bergquist)

Many considered an impossible task to gain 34 minutes on Ronny Wingren during the last leg from Skoganvarre to Alta – a distance of around 100 kilometers.

But already at checkpoint Jotka, Elisabeth Edland (58) had passed her Finnish competitor. And on the stretch toward Alta she increased her lead with another 20 minutes.


Tough leg

The leg from Porsanger to Alta became a tough one. Across the mountain plateau teams met strong gale, and heavy snow – and Ronny Wingren was in front on the trail. Edland benefitted from this, but also had a rough experience:

- We had very little visibility and I had to look carefully to stay on the trail. I was incredible happy when I saw Ronny’s back, not mainly because it meant I was catching up with him, but because I saw someone I knew, Edland said after having crossed the finish line.


Ronny Wingren was very happy with the second place in FL-500. (Photo: Morten Broks)


20 minutes after, Wingen crossed the finish line. He was very happy with the second place – despite having been left behind by the Edland at the end.

- Elisabeth should probably make a wrong turn that will cost her two hours next year, not only an hour and a half like this year, Wingren said and laughed.

Elisabeth Edland did not only win FL-500; she is also the Norwegian Champion in in long distance sled dog racing with eight dogs, and which will be awarded on Wednesday at 4 p.m. in Markedsgata in Alta.