FL-500: - Not according to plan!

Written by: Rikke Masternes/ Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Date: 12.03.2017 17:20

Terje Erik Loftsgård appeared fresh when he arrived at Karasjok Sunday afternoon. But being in the lead was not part of his plan.

- It has been tough from Jergul. The tracks were heavy and I and the dogs all had to work hard, Loftsgård explains after the Karasjok arrival. At this point, he had been on the move almost non-stop since he left Jergul in the morning and went straight through the checkpoint in Mollisjok.

Maria Hernetkoski and Harald Tunheim also reported of heavy tracks and deep snow when they arrived at the checkpoint right behind Loftsgård.


Terje Erik Loftsgård on his way to Karasjok. (Photo: Ida-Helene Sivertsen)

The rookie from Sunbolien has been on the side line for three years, paying attention when his son participated in races, and now decided it was time he also joined. But that this would entail a temporary lead of the FL-500, was not on his mind.  

- I have actually just raced according to my plan, he says, and goes on to explain that everything has been as expected so far, in terms of the conditions and the shape of the dogs.

Terje Erik Loftsgård takes care of the dogs after arriving in Karasjok. (Photo: Rikke Masternes)

Now it will be a bit of a longer rest in Karasjok before he continues on with one of the toughest legs in the race: the river ice to Levajok. This is, according to him self, a leg he has given considerably though. – I have prepared for this one. But it will be hard for the dogs, especially mentally.