FL-500: - Each leg has its challenges

Written by: Rikke Masternes/ Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Date: 12.03.2017 09:09

Jergul was teeming with life early Sunday morning as FL-500 teams were arriving and leaving.

Something happened when Finnish Ronny Wingren was the first to leave the check-point right before 7 a.m. More and more people woke up, and the sound of barking kept increasing.

Maria Hernetkoski at Jergul Sunday morning. (Photo: Rikke Masternes)

- The trip here has been nice, says Maria Hernetkoski from Alta as she is preparing her dogs for the first stretch over the mountain to Mollisjok. She adds that it has not been an easy ride, and that each leg has its specific challenges. She does not want to elaborate on what her plan is next. We ask if she is thinking about chasing the lead.

- I have to see how my dogs are. If they are in good shape … who knows?