FL-500: A wrong turn may have cost Edland the victory

Written by: Elisabeth Bergquist
Date: 12.03.2017 08:18

Elisabeth Edland was the first to leave Jotka on Saturday evening. However, a wrong turn may have cost her the win.

Elisabeth Edland arrived at Jergul late Saturday evening, after having made a wrong turn. (Photo: Steinar Vik)

On her way out of Jotka Saturday evening, Elisabeth Edland ended up on the trail toward Karasjok, instead of the one to Jergul, which was the next check-point. She traveled 5-6 kilometers before she realized the mistake and turned around.

- She said that she missed a sign, says partner Per Olav Gausereide. He estimates that this cost her around an hour and 15-20 minutes. – She is a bit sad over this, he says. Edland arrived at Jergul an hour and 15 minutes after Ronny Wingren, who is in the lead.

- Most likely, the battle over the first place is over, says Per Olav Gausereide. – But those are my words, not Elisabeth’s!