Information for entrants

Written by: Trond Anton Andersen
Date: 04.03.2017 08:00

All information to participants shall normally be provided via email. Since many of the participants now have traveled to Finnmark and do not have access to their email, we will post new information in this article. 

Information from the mushers meeting for FL-500

Musher meeting 2017 FL-500.pdf

Musher meeting 2017 FL-1000.pdf

The pre race schedule is ready. Click links below.

Pre race check Alta FL-1000.pdf

Pre race check Alta FL-500.pdf

Pre race check Alta FL-junior.pdf

GPS maps
Updated maps for participants GPSer are now ready. These can be downloaded from this page.

Freeze container
Monday March 6th to Thursday 9th March, we will have freeze container available in Postnord premises in Betongveien, near Alta Airport. See map and follow the direction marked on the map.
Opening hours.
Monday. 16:00-20: 00
Tues. - Wed. 10:00-14:00 and 16:00-21:00
Thu. open from. 8:00

Map depot and freeze container