Karasjok next!

Inger-Marie Haaland rushed in to Levajok at 2.49 AM, 6 hours and 46 minutes after leaving Sirbma. On arrival she stated clearly; – I’ll be rushing through!

Written by: Anki Ødegaard / transl. Pål Bleka
Photo: Anki Ødegaard
Date: 15.03.2012 03:22

The trail had been moved because of the unsafe ice on the river. Haaland signed in close to the depot. – The leg was a lot longer than I expected, she told about her journey from Levajok, while getting snacks, blankets and water.
The dogs look great, and ate their snack willingly before they were ready to leave again.

Haaland is not concerned by who’s approaching from behind. – I just have to focus on my own efforts, not minding what happens behind me, she says determined.

Her handler Ralph Johannesen is looking pleased. – You have done well; he’s commending her, before she charges ahead towards Karasjok.

What we saw when she left was impressive. Is it possible to challenge her position?