FL-1000: Not chasing the lead

Brennodden innrømmer at det rett og slett går for sakte.

Written by: Mina Sveen/transl. Elisabeth Simonsen
Photo: Mina Sveen
Date: 14.03.2012 20:39

Kjell Brennodden and Kjetil Reitan cared for the dogs calmly and comfortably in the afternoon sun in Varangerbotn. There is real Finnmark-spirit, no need to stress! Brennodden would like to be out chasing the lead himself, but he can’t. The dogs are running too slowly, in spite of good training. They may have too much experience, according to the musher himself. They have run many races and have been in the top three before. It’s not as desirable any more, he believes. Now he can let the clock be the clock, as he cares for his dogs. At the moment he is in 14th place, while Reitan is in the spot over him. Reitan takes a deep breath after his dogs were in heat, it has calmed down and now the dogs are eating again. Good to see, says Reitan, who also rests in Varangerbotn and lets the temperature dictate things from here.