FL-500: "Last man standing"

Written by: Karoline Leistad-Jonas
Date: 14.03.2012 17:25

Kai Arne Berg is the last man in FL-1000, and has kept it up all the way to the finish.

Photo: Sten Tony Hansen

In Finnmarksløpet completing the race is a victory in and of itself for both musher and dogs. Kai Arne’s objective for FL-500 has been to get race experience through finishing with as many dogs as possible. He crossed the finish line with six dogs. His dogs are young and this is their first long race. His handler could on the phone form checkpoint Jergul tell us that the biggest challenge had been hard work in the tracks. Mild weather and snow has created soft tracks.

It was a satisfied, but tired Kai Arne that crossed the finish line Wednesday afternoon. He shares his thoughts from the last few kilometers in towards Alta, like not believing he would finish: -I came slowly, but steadily.. I’m considering signing up for the World Championship in kick sledding, since I’m in great shape after a lot of pedaling behind the sled

He also talks about his best lead dog Scorsese, who has been the leader throughout the race, has directed and in some cases walked alone in front to get Kai Arne’s team across the finish line. The lead dog lives up to his name.  

On what he is doing now he answers: - Now I’m going to take a shower and drink champagne.

As the last musher to finish in Alta in FL-500 he received a dog house provided by Aksis and as a rookie he also received the beautiful stone plate of Finnmarksløpet.

We congratulate with the amazing job!   


A happy musher and his main leader Scorsese on their new dog house provided by Aksis

Photo: Gunnar Oustad