FL-1000: Three Ladies

Inger Marie Haaland, Trine K. Lyrek and Nina Skramstad are at present three of top six mushers in FL-1000. If they keep this up, it will be the first time we have so many women up front.

Written by: Anki Ødegaard/transl. SM Arctander
Date: 14.03.2012 15:41

Inger Marie Haaland is at the momen first from Sirbma. Trine K. Lyrek is pursuing Robert Sørlie from her fourth position. And Nina Skramstad has advanced to #6 from Varangerbotn. Skramstad had an ok leg from Neiden, despite a dog in the sled part of the way. On their way out her dogs loudly expressed a desire to get going. It seems to be a bit cooler, but it is still too warm from the mushers’ point of view. It will be interesting to see what the ladies may receive of honour and glory at the end.