FL-1000: Cleared the trail to Neiden2

Trine Lyrek is very proud of her dogs, who has done a marvellous job on a rough leg

Written by: Mina Sveen/Anki Ødegaard transl. Hans Ole Sandring
Photo: Mina Sveen
Date: 13.03.2012 21:03

Lyrek feels sorry for those teams of dogs behind her in the trail, and think mushers with a lack of experience with tough weather will meet difficulties in the trail. Ketil Reitan came behind her to the checkpoint, followed by Nina Skramstad, Magne Storstein and Thomas Wærner on their way to Neiden 2. The last-mentioned brought a bundle of straw for the dogs to rest in the trail, but he is also close behind. 

Trine Lyrek has the second best leg time of the ones in the snow storm, 11,36. Harald Tunheim has used approximately 15 minutes less.

It has been heavy snowfall this afternoon in Neiden, and the weather in the area is so messy that NRK (National TV) had problems with broadcasting earlier tonight.  The weather is worse in the mountains, and the dog teams can`t expect any race in moonshine this night.

Photo: Mina Sveen