FL-500: The day after

Written by: Tine Klevstad
Photo: Sten Tony Hansen
Date: 13.03.2012 14:52

The dogs are rolling in the snow, eating, and generally taking it easy. But what are the mushers concerned with after about 35 hours on the Finnmark mountain plateau?

Geir Vik (left) and Roy Arne Ugseth shares experiences and stories during the evaluation meeting for FL-500.

The website, the information meetings, choice of runners, with or without booties, big or small sled, the weight of the sled, the crowds at the start, the trail, the snow, the effort of the veterinarians, role of the handlers, organization at the checkpoints, tears on the last few meters, the music at the arena, the joy of completing, Meier’s dogs – we’ll be back.      

Photo: Sten Tony Hansen