FL-1000: Attention! Don`t drive on the sea ice!

A new trail to Varangerbotn require awareness

Written by: Mina Sveen / Tor Mikkelsen tran. Hans Ole Sandring
Photo: Mina Sveen
Date: 13.03.2012 13:20

The checkpoint manager in Neiden knows that many of the mushers arrive throughout the night, and they only take a short break before they set out towards Varangerbotn. Therefore he informs about the diversion of the trail now, so the mushers are attentive and don`t fall asleep when they approach the checkpoint. There are blue marking poles out towards the sea ice but because of the spring tide, the sea ice has drifted away and the trail had to be rearranged.  The old trail is still marked on the outdated map, and Svortevik is still working to mark the new trail so the handlers and mushers can be prepared for the change. Now, the trail is located on shore, and it is marked with poles.

This is how you locate the trail, according to the race manager:

About four kilometres before Varangerbotn, from Karlebotnhøyden, you take left. There you will find a new trail down to the Tana-Neiden trail, and NOT against the sea ice!! Follow the Tana-Neiden- trail for two kilometers against a crossroads where you take right. After one and a half kilometer you meet another crossroads were you also take right. From here you will meet a staffed crossroads. This is the original trail against Sirbma, and you are on the main trail towards Varangerbotn.

The race manager Rita Hallvig, informs that the trail is well marked, but you have to be aware and everything will be OK. If you have questions about this, you can call Rita on telephone number 41458513. She can assist with handwritten maps.