FL-500: Last on the trail

Written by: Karoline Leistad-Jonas/ transl. Elisabeth Simonsen
Date: 13.03.2012 11:40

Han har 7 hunder i spannet, og i følge han selv er dette unge hunder. Hans mål er å gjennomføre løpet for og få erfaring som kjører og til hundene. Dette er hans første Finnmarksløp, han har tidligere deltatt i Alta to-dagers i 2010.

Kai Arne Berg from Svanvik is currently holding the last place in the track in FL-500. Right now he is at Jergul, where he is resting for the mandatory 6 hours, before he continues towards Alta.

Photo: Jørn Losvar

Handler Maria Torheim at checkpoint Jergul, can rapport of good spirits in both musher and dogs. The dogs have good appetite and are eager. They are all young and their challenge is the difficult conditions in the track. The musher is satisfied with the effort of the dogs, and is according to Maria in a great mood. The goal is to get to Alta.

Photo: Jørn Losvar

-To be first or last is not always where the focus is. Markus Leistad winner of FL-500 2002, says that for most mushers the priority is their own race and dog team. A good run though is important and if that matches the objective of the race, most mushers are satisfied.