FL-1000: Out into the Arctic Night

Det er endelig kuldegrader, og Liaklev, Lyrek og Reitan har satt kursen mot Kirkenes.

Written by: Mina Sveen/Transl. SM Arctander
Photo: Mina Sveen
Date: 12.03.2012 23:03

Trine Kristensen Lyrek has taken out three dogs, and left Neiden 10.22pm with a team eager to go, and an enthusiastic handler at the sideline.

At the same time Arne Karlstrøm did what makes him the most nervous: checking under the blankets to see how the dogs are doing. Karlstrøm could ascertain that everything was ok before he returned to his sleepingbag..

Ketil Reitan are struggling with injures among the dogs, and is anxious about the leg. Hopefully he will get to Kirkenes without having to take a dog into the sled. He started out 10.57pm, one and a half hour behind Arne Liaklev.

Also Tom Frode Johansen checked on the dogs with a snack, and told us that two have to be left behind in Neiden. The snack revealed that there is nothing wrong with their appetite, and Johansen is looking forward to the trip to Kirkenes, enthusiastic about the beautiful Arctic Light.

Tom Frode Johansen’s dogs had a snack, and hoped for more.


All Photos: Mina Sveen