Taste of victory!

Written by: Lise Ottem transl. Hans Ole Sandring
Photo: Sten Tony Hansen
Date: 12.03.2012 20:08

Finally, it`s time to enjoy the victory dinner. The general collaborating partner Rica Hotell Alta offers dinner to Meier and her companion Jørg. Together with them is deputy Major Ronny Berg, Kari Flesvig (representing Rica Hotell), bank director in Sparebank1 Nordnorge in Alta, John Ivar Nilsen and chief of the volunteer May Britt Bakke Jøraholmen.  

Kati is welcome to enjoy a lovely night in the “Finnmarksløpet suite” on Finnmarksløps  hotell, Rica Hotell Alta.

The menu Rica offers tonight consists of: First course: Roastbeef of reindeer with a fresh salad, topped with red onion stew, garnished with sour crème of cranberry. Main course: Char with fresh vegetables and shellfish sauce, topped with mussels and potatoes amadine. For desert they are served homemade blueberry icecream with fresh fruit salad. We congratulate this years winner of Finnmarksløpet-500! Enjoy your meal!  

All photos: Sten Tony Hansen