FL-500: Norwgian Championship silver to Ole Sigleif Johansen

Written by: Tine Klevstad
Date: 12.03.2012 17:45

Ole Sigleif Johansen (30) runs the kennel Team Tempo at Ongjoksætra in Mathisdalen in Alta with his girlfriend Eline Lihagen. Together they work with long and medium distance dog races. The kennel has one race team of grown dogs, along with a few young dogs and puppies to secure good recruiting. Most of the dogs in his team now have race experience from Pasvik Trail since 2008. Ole Sigleif is relatively young in musher circles, but he has made himself noticed as a competitive musher. He completed FL-500 in 2009 and 2010. He was in the lead for a long time in FL-500 in 2011, but record fast run times to Jotka ended in a complete halt ten kilometers past Sussjavre Mountain Lodge.

This year he has taken in slower – something both run time and rest time shows. Ole Sigleif also had to take out dogs during the race. Out from checkpoint Jergul he had five dog in comparison to Leif Wilhelmsen’s seven dogs. In to the finish line Ole Sigleif only had four dogs running. The fifth was placed in the sled. We can assume that the last leg has been though for both him and the dogs, in the competition against Leif Wilhelmsen.

The always happy Ole Sigleif and his leader dog Fuji, Tex, Tell, Gabo and Mogly has completed a smart race. It was almost enough to win the Norwegian Championship.

Alle photos: Lise Ottem